Bond Campaign for LA-area School District

Presidio partnered with policymakers and the teachers union of a highly regarded and award-winning school district in Los Angeles County, distinguished for its achievements but constrained by deteriorating and obsolete facilities. The aspirations the community held for its students and the district’s accomplishments were incongruent with the state of the school facilities, which were in dire need of renovation to meet the standards of 21st-century education. Previous attempts to secure a general obligation bond for facility funding had been thwarted by the community’s prevailing anti-tax sentiment, leaving the district in a precarious position. In this challenging context, Presidio was approached to navigate this delicate landscape and lead a campaign to secure crucial funding.

With a meticulously crafted campaign strategy that included culturally sensitive, microtargeted direct mail, digital ads, texting, and canvassing, we tailored our approach to resonate with the unique fabric of the community. Our concentrated efforts and strategic advocacy culminated in a breakthrough victory: the successful passing of the district’s first general obligation bond in nearly three decades. This monumental win secured a crucial $258 million in funds for school facilities construction, allowing the district to elevate its educational facilities to world-class standards, reflecting the quality of education it offers.

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Advocacy & Lobbying for Regional Hospitality Association

Presidio joined forces with a regional hospitality industry trade association on the brink of a significant municipal wage initiative campaign. The initiative was already slated for the ballot, and our involvement was pivotal, immediately delving into extensive lobbying and public advocacy efforts. Our objective was to persuade the City Council to opt for a special election, as opposed to adopting the ordinance outright or allocating it to a general election ballot, amidst a statewide tide of similar initiatives. This involved a multifaceted, six-week lobbying endeavor, including briefings, education sessions for association members, and the creation of briefing collateral to articulate their cases effectively to policymakers.

Simultaneously, Presidio spearheaded an eight-week digital advertising campaign, stimulating substantial public response that resulted in thousands of emails from city residents to the City Council. The public urged the council to undertake a meticulous economic analysis of the measure and, subsequently, to organize a special election. This initiative concluded with the City Council commissioning an economic study and eventually mandating a special election. Remarkably, this was a precedent-setting achievement for the hospitality industry statewide, marking the first instance an economic study or special election was sanctioned for such wage initiatives. Presidio’s adeptness in association management and government relations services reinforced our ability to strategically navigate and influence legislative processes so that they aligned with our client’s goals and the broader industry interests.

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