Felicia is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the field of communications and operations. As the Vice President of Communications and Operations at Presidio, Felicia plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing all aspects of the firm’s communications strategies, both internally and externally. Felicia leads a talented team in developing and executing comprehensive communication plans and crafting compelling messaging that aligns with the firm’s objectives. Additionally, she is responsible for streamlining operational processes, ensuring efficiency, and fostering a collaborative work environment.

With a diverse background in the industry, Felicia brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She has worked in various communication roles, honing her skills in crisis management and strategic messaging. Prior to her current position, Felicia successfully managed high-profile accounts and implemented innovative campaigns that garnered significant media attention. Her ability to navigate complex political landscapes and her strong understanding of public affairs have enabled her to drive impactful outcomes for her clients.

Felicia’s commitment to excellence is evident in her track record of delivering exceptional results. Her passion for communication, combined with her strategic mindset, has allowed her to build strong relationships with key stakeholders and influencers in the industry. Her dedication to staying ahead of emerging trends and her adaptability in dynamic environments have contributed to her success as a trusted leader in the field.


  • UC Irvine | Master of Business Administration
  • Yale University | B.A. in History and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration

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